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Premium Strapping Tape

$ 10.00
  • Allcare Sports-tape
  • 38mm x 13.7mtr premium rigid tape
  • Extra porous zinc oxide adhesive – allows skin breathe
  • Hand tearable with separated edges

AOA19 AllCare Ortho Total Ankle Brace

$ 55.00

AOA19 AllCare Ortho Total Ankle Brace

  • Lace up design provides a snug and custom fit
  • Non elastic figure of 8 stabilising straps mimic athletic taping techniques and lock the heel
  • Bilateral plastic splints offer extra stability – simply remove splints if required
  • Elastic closure strap locks in tied laces and stabilising straps
  • Universal design – fits right or left foot
  • Provides support and stability to the ankle
  • Resists inversion and eversion movements of the ankle
  • Use as a prophylactic support or following ankle injury
  • Mild to Moderate Ankle Sprain
  • Ankle Instability
  • Recurrent Ankle Sprain



$ 95.00


Limited stock now available


ASO Classic (with Stays) is the ideal choice for the active person who needs an ankle brace to play sport after injury, during the rehab phase; when the athletic taping is not an option due to skin irritation; or to prevent injury for ankles prone to rolling over or twisting. Unique stabilizing straps replicate the stirrup effect of an athletic taping application, positioning the ankle at 90°.

Constructed from materials to ensure maximum comfort: mesh ankle liner contains lycra allowing the brace to stretch with motion. Plastic medial and lateral stays are removable as function improves. Reinforced with nylon webbing pockets, stays will remain in place for optimal support. Superior fit into a sport shoe.

For sizing
Can be worn on left or right foot. Measure ankle circumference from the base of the heel to the dorsal ankle crease. Shoe size can also be used for a guide.

Ice Bag ‘N Straps

$ 55.00

No-fuss ice and compression treatment system that moulds around injured joints and body parts to reduce muscular/joint aches and pains. It combines an ice bag with a stretch holder for compression.